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Learn all about the history of legendary winemaking here in the Napa Valley through the following “Napa Valley Rocks” video series from the Napa Valley Vintners.


Setting the stage for the Napa Valley Rocks video series, “Napa Valley Rocks: Overview” provides a snapshot of the Napa Valley appellation and wine industry.

Soils and Geology

Although Napa Valley is one of the world’s smallest wine regions, it is also one of the most diverse. Culled from the results of two scientific studies about the soils and geology of the Napa Valley appellation, “Napa Valley Rocks: Soils and Geology” presents an easy-to-understand chronicle of 150 million years of the science behind the Napa Valley.


What makes Napa Valley perfect for growing wine grapes? Based on the results of a scientific study about the climate of the Napa Valley appellation, “Napa Valley Rocks: Climate” explains why grapevines thrive in this world-famous wine-growing region.


Viticulture — the process of growing grapes — is an inherent collaboration between people and place. “Napa Valley Rocks: Viticulture” shares some of the secrets from the vineyard that help Napa Valley’s grape growers and winemakers produce consistent quality wines, vintage after vintage.


Napa Valley has become synonymous with Cabernet Sauvignon and the majority of winemakers in the region produce it, but thanks to the area’s diverse soils and growing conditions, all kinds of grape varieties flourish in this one small place. In “Napa Valley Rocks: Winemaking,” renowned vintners share their views on the terroir of the Napa Valley and why they choose to make wine from this appellation.

Vintner Leadership

From seven founding vintners in 1944 to nearly 450 members today, the Napa Valley Vintners non-profit trade association is deeply committed to working together to promote and protect the Napa Valley appellation, its agricultural heritage, and its community. “Napa Valley Rocks: Leadership” tells the story of how nearly seven decades of collaboration and camaraderie have shaped the Napa Valley wine industry.